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Fanis Logothetis - Biography


Fanis Logothetis - Biography

Born in Athens in the mid 70s, studied photography and visual arts (Focus 1993-1996, ESP 1998-1999) and attended workshops in photography,videography and music.
Courses on various software like Photoshop, Aperture, Final cut and more helped to professionalize and analyze the workflow methods.

Worked as an external partner on newspapers, magazines and specialized on still life photography, portraits, books for upcoming models. Except working for companies an doing catalogues one of his most favorite shootings is for concerts and live bands.

As a freelancer the variety of jobs and opportunities are many in the field. Football teams and pre-election campaigns as well as commercials has been some of his work .
Being an artist and a creative mind since the 90s he participated in many exhibitions and festivals around the world and curated some workshops and group exhibitions.

Music and moving images was always fascinated him. Videoart and documentary was the next logical step. Besides the participation in festivals with some videoart and video-performances, documentary came in his life first as member of a cinematography team and then as a director and producer. In 2012 he directed his first feature documentary named: ’’ Ost-original soundtrack’’ that was screened to the greek cinemas as long as many Greek and foreign festivals.

His inspiration is the urban landscape, people and objects . Some of his pictures and articles have been published in internet as long as in magazines. He leaves in Greece and collaborates with galleries and art spaces . Studio kaufman is his workplace and his sanctuary.


Solo exhibitions

“Those girls we followed home’’ Cheapart gallery (Athens 2008)

“Abstractions 1:1, discovering the world with a lens”
Art Vitrina in Alba 2010 (Athens)

“ The booth, a fictional device” Cube gallery 2011 (Patra/Greece)

Τhe Twisted Riddle of Our Existence” Cube gallery 09/09/2016 - 01/10/2016 (Patra/Greece)

Group exhibitions

Annual group exhibitions in Cheap art gallery

4ο European Social Forum «25 flags - 25 ideas»
(Athens 2006)

Οne minute
video performance from “open art” team of artists
(Athens 2006)

Group exhibiton 2005 - 2007 Tint gallery
(Thessaloniki/ Greece)

NATURALMENTE - PrimoPiano Livin Gallery
(Lecce/Italy) 2006

Story tellers - Primo Piano Livin Gallery 2007
(Lecce/Italy) 2006

ArtMart 2007-2008 Künstlerhaus

openartresidency 2008-dreams island
(Evia island/ Greece)

Alien inside me  - Primo Piano Livin Gallery 2008

Other world’s Souvenirs.
The Art Foundation 2009

On CDOs and Double Clubs

AUGUST art group exhibition

Surprise ( ArtAz) - art event for the support of homeless of Athens
2009 - 2014

Samples of art
manifactura gallery 2010

copy - paste  2010
container art space (Thessalonik/Greece)

a cube of art is opening  2011
cube gallery (Patra/Grece)

Scratching the Surface 2012
The Artwall (Athens)

Adaptations 2013
Image Gallery(Athens)

A cube of art is still open
cube gallery 11/12/2015 - 09/01/2016 (Patra/Grece)

Surprise 7 - Crisis edition
Artaz 26-28 / 02 / 2016

Through the Looking Glass
cube gallery 8/07/2016 - 03/09/2016 (Patra/Grece)

The Red Line
ArtZone42 Gallery (Athens 12/01 - 04/02/2017)

ART begins at the end of your comfort ZONE
ArtZone42 Gallery (Athens, Greece
6-19/07/17 & 14-30/09/17)

of love and other demons
Cube gallery (Patras, Greece 07/07/17 - 02/09/17)


1o &2ο Intrnation festival of digital art “Intro out” 2005-2006

Miden Festival 2005

2o &3ο Athens video art festival
(Athens) 2006-2007


Transferae festival
(Madrid/Spain) 2007

Κinofest 2007 & 2010
National museum of modern art

7th international festival of experimental art
(St Petersburg/Russia07/2008)

Act Art 7 - children of the damned
2009 (London)

Young Greek Photographers
Athens photo festival 2010

Thessaloniki international documentary festival

London Greek Film Festival 2013

Samos film festival 2013

6ο Internation music festival Pharos
The Shoe Factory - Nicosia 2014